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  • What is the effect of Nose Energy comparable to?
    One serving (2 sprays) of Nose Energy is about as strong as an energy drink or coffee. However, the difference is that Nose Energy works immediately, does not cause stomach problems and is practical to use.
  • What ingredients are in Nose Energy and why?
    Nose Energy consists of an energy delivering matrix which is made of caffeine, plant extracts and amino acids and a transporting matrix consisting of highly purified water and vegetable glycerin. Natural peppermint aroma provides a fresh kick. Find out more about our ingredients by clicking through the gallery below (arrows right and left in the middle):
  • How to use Nose Energy?
    The bottle of Nose Energy should be shaken vigorously for up to 1 minute before first use to ensure a good mix of the deposit of the natural ingredients.   The user can spray up to 4x per nostril (a total of max. 8 sprays per day). We recommend 1-2 sprays per nostril. If necessary, this can be repeated every 2-3 hours.
  • Can Nose Energy be addictive?
    NO. Nose Energy is not addictive like usual nasal sprays with a medical background, as it does not contain any ingredients that reduce the swelling of the nasal mucous membranes.
  • What is Nose Energy?
    Nose Energy is an energy nasal spray and provides you with the fastest energy kick in the world.
  • Is Nose Energy legal and safe?
    Nose Energy is registered with the authorities and there are laboratory tests from independent and reputable laboratories that confirm the safety and marketability of Nose Energy.
  • What benefits does Nose Energy offer and why is it so special?
    The handy bottles with 10 ml content carry enough content for approx. 35 servings! With its small size Nose Energy is easily stored in any pocket or handbag and is ready for use at any time. After consumption of 1-2 sprays per nostril (up to 8 per day), the ingredients of Nose Energy are instantly absorbed. ACTS INSTANTLY MORE ENERGY MORE FOCUS Energy at the push of a button! Stomach and digestive problems, which can often occur when drinking coffee, energy drinks and others (e. g. caffeine tablets), are a thing of the past with Nose Energy. Energy drinks contain a lot of sugar and chemical additives. Apart from that, no refrigerator is needed, no shaker and no coffee maker. - With Nose energy you are flexible - it can be used anywhere and at any time. BE AWAKE - ALWAYS AND EVERYWHERE No matter whether you're working, studying, doing sports or going out at night, you'll now be flexible and instantly energized, whenever you need it most.
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